I have concluded that it’s time we honor our humans by
sharing our wisdom. In that sharing, the giving and
the receiving, we will all eventually know ‘the way.’



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The Way of

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Teaching Humans to Be






The Way of the Cat

Teaching Humans to Be


The Way of the Cat—Teaching Humans to Be is a book by a cat, for cats to help humans become more like cats—more peaceful, more philosophical, more… well, perfect. Originally published in 2004, Xena has decided to celebrate the 10th anniversary by making her training book for cats digital. 'The Way of the Cat' is filled with information every cat should know along with quotes from such humans as Twain, Colette, and Gandhi. Chapters: 'Walking Your Talk;' 'When Do We Eat?;' 'Let a Sleeping Cat Lie;' 'Our Furry Bodies, Our Selves;' 'Mumbles and Meows;' 'A Tail of Two Kitties' and more. 'The Way of the Cat' may well be the vehicle humans need to get 'back on the path.'


Xena is delighted to see the book, now out of print, available in a digital format. Be sure and check it out at Amazon.com.


The Way of the Cat Kindle version




Excerpt from Chapter One: Walking Your Talk

We live "in the moment", which is something that humans are rarely able to do. Although we try to teach them by example they continue to dwell on the past and worry about the future, and no amount of catnip seems to help.


As cats, we never really need to be anywhere, so wherever we are we are there because we choose to be, just as we are who we are because we choose to be. These are some of the things we can and should teach our humans.


About the Author

Xena and her Mom live in Oregon. Besides being an author Xena is an artist and a philosopher. She sspends much of her day contemplating all things cat and occasionally lays on the patio to commune with nature.


Reader Comments

I couldn’t let it out of my paws. This book will help so many cats help so many humans. Thank you Xena. Allie Cat


We can see the difference in our human already. She seems happier, more alive. This books is the best thing to come along since—well, since cats. Abby & Alex


I give it four paws. Felix, Ed, Human Lovers Magazine


I wasn’t familiar with Xena’s work before, but I am now and she has saved at least two of my lives by giving me more insight into helping my humans. I have shared it with so many of my friends that my copy is cat eared. Zodiac





By Bookworm

A funny collection of cat wisdom. The humor was well done and the narrative flowed smoothly. Highly recommend to cat lovers.


My cat adores this.

By Tich

Absolutely brilliant! An expose of feline wisdom. My cat nodded sagely as I shared excerpts. A reference of knowledge for cats and a must read for all their human servants. Loved it! Have read four times already just for the sheer delight and humour.


Terrific little book, but don't forget the dogs

By Kristin J. Johnson "Three-time published author"  

This is a wonderful, funny, humorous, cute human self-help book and commentary on the feline nature akin to The Pekinese Who Saved Civilization." There's a bit of cats-versus-dogs bias when Xena says, "Our brains are more like human brains than dog brains are. The order in rank, I believe, is cat brain, human brain, and then dog brain."

My dog however looked over the slight to his canine brothers and sisters and saw the brilliance in Xena's views. Contrast that with we humans, who write books such as The Savage Nation, Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them and Bushwhacked.

Forget the human nonsense and read Xena's book, with amusing quotes from real cats. But how about a little cross-species cooperation and including what dogs have to say about cats? How about teaching dogs and cats to just get along?



Very funny book

By Carolyn Pawtucket, RI

What a great book for anyone who owns a cat. I'm sure you'll recognize your own cat (and yourself) in the observations that are made. This book contains a lot of good information on cat behavior and 'maintenance'. Written from the point of view of her cat, the author writes with insight and humor while sharing the joys of being a cat owner and what the experience can teach us about ourselves. As a person who has six cats, I read it through in one sitting and enjoyed every page.


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