Four hours earlier, she starred in her first live radio show.

Now, she was frightened, confused, and a murder suspect,

and it was only Monday.





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REVIEWS: She Overheard Murder

Amazon Reviews

Sheldon's Mystery Does More Than Mystify

Nic is on a mission: to clear her name, to clear her new co-worker's names, and to save her skin. Nic's new job as a fake P.I. on the radio becomes a reality for her when the voice actress who was supposed to have her role is murdered.

This book is not short, but it was a fast read for me. Sheldon really does her research. I loved the little historically framed details, clothing, language and technology. It was integrated just perfectly and created a wonderful picture in my head.

This book is historically situated but also socially timely. It deals, very carefully, with homosexuality and the history of oppression and isolation that has occurred in the states. The murdered woman's case is surrounded with the stigma of "wrongness," that she got what she deserved, and Nic is out to prove that that stigma is wrong-minded and ugly.

Sheldon takes care to show her characters as normal men and women, who grieve when they suffer from loss, who are lonely for human discussion and interaction, who struggle with the same issues in different ways. By so doing, she demolishes the language that surrounds the homosexual lifestyle: that is, that being a homosexual is only about sexuality and not about love, life and family. Her characters, both lesbian and straight, are people who desire interaction, companionship and understanding. And I was very moved with their stories.

The main character, Nic, is so unassuming that it led me to want to know more about her, to hear more of her story, to understand why she is such a good person. She's maybe too good for my tastes, but she's likable and fun to follow. This is the only reason I would rate the book about a 4.5, but I rounded up because it's such a fun read.

As for the mystery: it kept me guessing. There were so many suspects, so many alibis and a enough complexity to keep a reader on her toes. By the end, I was there with the main characters and had come to the same conclusion they did, which was completely satisfactory.

Great job, Jean. Keep them coming! I want more Nic, Nora, Anna and Milly. By ReadersUnite


A page-turner from one of my favorite authors

She Overheard Murder serves up an enticing menu full of clues, close calls, and murder. Adding to the atmosphere is the deliciously authentic background of early radio and post-World War Chicago. When the star of WBAC’s radio show, Inez Ingalls, Private Eye, is murdered, Nicole Owen is picked to replace her. After a harrowing but brief arrest as a suspect, Nic finds herself emulating Inez in real life as it becomes evident that someone associated with the studio may be the real murderer. The characters are as interesting as the plot, which along with Sheldon’s excellent prose make this a winner. By Alice Lynn


I loved it

This book did not progress the way I expected it to, and that's a good thing. I enjoyed it thoroughly, and am eager to read the next in the series. By Amazon Customer


She Overheard Murder

This was a very good murder mystery and keep me guessing who the murderer was, all the suspects seemed to have alibi's. The interaction between Nic, Nora and her Aunt was very warm and supportive. Their investigations into the crime would cause attempts on the lives of both Nic and Nora, well written and will look forward to any follow up on this series. Jean


Wonderful Who Done It

Set in post WWII, the story is true to historical accuracy of the era. Radio was the family entertainment and women's traditional roles were evolving into independence and self-reliance. The originality of the story was captivating in itself. It is only enhanced by the tale spun around the murder of the star radio performer and Chicago  philanthropist, Carolyn Parker. The reader is given the opportunity to engage in seeking the murderer, conspirators, and motive to the devastating death of a remarkable woman of the 1940's and the lover and affected women left behind. Some of the clues appear apparent, but ultimately, the reader may be surprised as the pieces begin fall into place. By M. M. Goddard


Historical fiction

I loved this book from the first page to the last. I remember the days of radio and this a great behind the scenes drama with a few surprising twists at the end. I hope there are more Nic and Nora adventures to come! By CJ Earl


A Delightful Trip to 1940s Chicago

Although I've never been to Chicago, after reading 'She Overheard Murder', I know I'll feel at home when I make the trip. The author, obviously familiar with the complex fabric of urban life, brought the city to life in another era. The same can be said of her characters. Each one was unique and multidimensional. Even the minor characters were refreshingly real. Once into the story, I couldn't put it down and recommend it to mystery lovers. I'm looking forward to the next story. By Nevo


Enjoyable historical mystery with a twist

Carolyn Park, a socialite, radio personality and philanthropist is moved one night at the studio where she works. Nic Owens, a young woman new to radio, is hired to take over Carolyn's role as Inez Ingalls, private eye. Thus begins a new mystery series, set in post WWII Chicago. Nora Hahn, Carolyn's partner lashes out at Nic in her pain. Nic is confused and hurt but not angry because she senses Nora's pain. The story follows our heroines search for the murderer ably aided and abetted by Nic's Aunt Anna and best friend Millie. I found the time period fascinating and the character's likeable. Recommended highly. By Carlaf



I read it from beginning to the end in one day. It was a bit confusing at times, and reminded me of an Agatha Christie book. A nice surprise ending. By Melody C.



I read this book in just a day. I loved it. The author has a great way to describe the era and the people and you are there with them. I love the art deco and 1940's era. And she is awesome at relating the feel of the era. I can not wait for another one.. By Stacy Coates


A Solid Historical Mystery

'She Overheard Murder' takes us to post WWII Chicago by way of a unique storyline. It is a well-written, well researched, and fun mystery; a great start to a series (The Nic and Nora Mystery series) involving amateur lesbian detectives. I'm looking forward to the next adventure with this group of likeable characters. By K. Landey



Goodread Reviews


Perfect fit for readers who enjoy period mysteries

Nic Owen has just made her debut as a character in a radio drama when it is discovered that her predecessor was murdered. Carolyn’s husband wants to know who murdered her, as does Carolyn’s longtime “friend,” Nora. Nic, along with all of her new cast mates, is considered a suspect. Will Nic be able to discover who murdered Carolyn and clear her good name?


This novel fits perfectly within the mystery/detective genre with the added bonus of LGBT characters and an historical setting. The 1940’s setting is well-described, down to the details of available technology, characters’ clothing, and even the treatment of women. This historical setting makes this book a perfect fit for readers who enjoy period mysteries.


The characters in this story are well-rounded, realistic, and relatable. Each one is given enough detail to make him/her seem real, but not so much as to detract from the overall mystery story. The plot moves rapidly, and the various twists and turns before the final reveal are entertaining and keep the reader guessing as to who actually murdered Carolyn. The gritty, compelling writing style will carry readers through the end of the story. This book would be an excellent beach read or weekend read, and readers who have finished a favorite series and are waiting for the next book would enjoy picking this series up in the meantime. A recommended purchase for public libraries, particularly those whose patrons enjoy mystery series. Jenni Frencham


...Love a good mystery and this one didn't disappointment. I have not read anything by the author, Jean Sheldon, so I didn't know what to expect, especially since it had lesbian characters in the storyline. But I was pleased with how the author blended gay issues into the plot without letting it take over the story. The plot was laid out well and I you had to wait till the end to really figure out who the killer was. Enjoyed the setting of post war era and life back then. It was nice to transport my mind back to that timeframe. Enjoyed this book so much, I am looking forward to reading the next Nic and Nora mystery. Very good book!! Greg Pittman


Solid mystery. I liked a lot of the period detail, even if some of it (the characters' declarations about how they were okay with homosexuality, for instance) was a little heavy-handed. I didn't like the occasional switch in POV, but the main character (Nic) was personable. I would've preferred for the resolution to the romance to have been delayed until the next book in the series where it could've been given more space/time. Fans of lesbian mysteries or historical mysteries will like this. Drianne


...I was pleasantly surprised. This book was a great thriller/mystery that kept my on my toes and made me want to know what happened next. I recommend reading this book and giving it a chance, it's worth it. Peter Deruchia



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