Two sexagenarians organize a garden party to discover what

really happened twenty years earlier when a young girl disappeared

and her father was found murdered.




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for her







An old fashioned whodunnit!


Snuggle up in your favorite chair with an old fashioned 'whodunit'. An article appearing in the Raccoon Grove Gazette about a 20-year-old unsolved murder and kidnapping, rekindles interest in the tragedy. Anonymous letters arrive at the paper, one claims to know the identity of the killer and another that the missing child is alive in nearby Chicago. Growing curiosity makes someone in town nervous, and when local gossip columnist, Tracy Kendall, and gardener, Kate Chandler, team up to solve the decades old case, accidents threaten to stop the investigation. Their narrow escape from a blazing building, car windows shattered by a wayward bullet, and confrontations with unhappy neighbors prompt the women to hold a garden party to discover what really happened. No one could have guessed the truth. Can you?


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ISBN 13:978-0-9723541-9-6

280 pages





Lighthearted fun!


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Good Whodunit

I give 5 stars to any book I thoroughly enjoy whether it's a light read or a more intense, complex read. It also has to be a book I look forward to rereading. This book qualifies.



Oh how I wish this book was the beginning of a new series for the author! You'll love the story AND characters! Wow, this story had more twists and turns than the Smokey Mountain Highway! And like the Highway, it's a VERY pleasant experience! Highly recommended!

Nicole at Bless Their Hearts Mom




If you're looking for a satisfying, old-fashioned who-done-it and one hell of a good ride, get this book. Then curl up next to a nice warm fire and have the time of your life. nwhank




Sheldon has written a strong plot that will leave most guessing until the final chapters. Her cast of characters makes it almost impossible to discern how all of the pieces of the mystery fit together. Sheldon also provides enough clever twists to make the reader question any assumptions. Portland Book Review 




Follow a thrilling map to murder, one flower at a time… 

The Independent Authors' Review





...guaranteed to have you on the edge of your seat—and at times falling off it with laughter!

Louisa Middleton-Blake





A fun and fast paced small town mystery, "Flowers for Her Grave" is a fine read and very much recommended. Midwest Book Review Small Press Bookwatch





Clues and cliff hangers kept me up past my bedtime.

Alice Lynn





A great read that will keep you guessing "whodunit!" Be sure to add this one to your reading list. You’ll love it!

LuAnn Reading Frenzy





Ms. Sheldon has a wonderful sense of history, mystery, and the flaws of mankind.

Betty Gelean





WOW This is a great story. Everything lines up and comes to a conclusion the reader can follow. Linda Stefanyk





It was refreshing to read a book with down to earth common characters, added plus that they were in their 60's.






Jean clearly has a gift for weaving a story that helps the reader experience the feelings of her characters.

Ruby Allen, Editor, The Girl on the Bridge



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Setting & Locations

Raccoon Grove, once a small northern Illinois farming community faces change as Chicago suburbs approach its borders. The locals, an aging population of bikers, farmers, and expatriated Chicagoans are modern in every way, but have no desire to be a part of the greater metropolitan area.

Raccoon Grove Gazette: The three-story frame building, home to Raccoon Grove's weekly paper, once housed a feed store—the heart and business center of an agricultural county. By the 1990s, only a handful of family-owned farms remained on the fringes of the nation's third largest city. The ones not swallowed by corporate farms, became casualties of the super producers. The structure sat on the main drag, prominent because of its size and nestled between the Farmers Credit Union and the phone company. Across the street were Mike's Diner and a two-room county library. Local businesses had succumbed to the mammoth department stores that infiltrated nearby Chicago suburbs. They, like the family farms, could not compete.

Kate's Gardens: In a garden, especially one as magnificent as Kate's, the visual impact of the flowers can depend on the space provided for viewing. Just as impressionist painters represent a scene by revealing not the color of objects, but the effect of light on those colors, a carefully planned viewing space allows visitors to absorb the range of shades and fragrances as the artist intended. The following morning, Tracy joined Kate in the gardens' focal point, her fourteen-foot Jefferson gazebo.


Characters in Flowers for Her Grave


Kate Chandler

Kate didn't realize how deeply her father's death in her childhood affected her until she faced life alone in her 40s. As a young woman, she had counted on her natural beauty to survive, a beauty that took her to the runways of pageants and contests around the state. When her beauty faded, her marriage ended, and her children moved out, she started a flower garden. Now in her early 60s, she believes growing flowers saved her life, and her best friend, Tracy Kendall made it more interesting.


Tracy Kendall

The gossip columnist, journalist, and co-owner of the Raccoon Grove Gazette, is the author of 'Tracy's Tidbits', a gossip column that provides an important service to the community. Small towns thrive on gossip and the loved and hated columnist dished out dirt with the best of them. Tracy's followers considered her as brassy and brutal as any gossip queen.


Dave Kendall

Tracy's charming, witty, well-built husband and friend. Dave often finds himself in the middle of Tracy's adventures—almost always willingly.


Sara Collins

A deeply troubled twenty-five-year-old who spent much of her youth in and out of mental hospitals for depression. She struggles to remember events of twenty years ago that changed her life.


Ben Crayton

Retired sheriff and town drunk. Even as alcohol deteriorates his brain, Ben manages to remember a secret that may cost him his life.


Janet Doyle

A twenty-five-year-old actress who lives in neighboring Chicago. She claims to know nothing about Raccoon Grove or the missing Kimberly Vandenberg, but growing evidence suggests a link.


Joe Vandenberg

A young man who claims to be the only surviving member of the Raccoon Grove Vandenberg family. He has come to town to inherit the two million dollar estate.





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